I am tired of people who make it a shallow point they don't care about people while demanding the people they look down on care bout their humanity. They want people to care about them more than they care about people.

Finder’s Fees

There is no might in silence when it gives nothing for the cause. Everything is for an argument and something for the ego. Finding a way to still be mad over the things that happened too long ago, where is the healing? The mess they think you're still interested in, where are the mentions. Thoughts … Continue reading Finder’s Fees


In Fire

It was the lies of innocence. Unbothered by the cathartic nature of feeling nothing but have something for everything. Groundbreaking is the breaks that make someone worthy of bringing on the news. Simple acts f kindness thereĀ 

Hang Around

They hang around creatures worse than you. Let them tell it, you're even worse--through and through. They're with the treachery; they let it slide, as long as the terror comes from someone they like. You're the worse in comparison; this much is true your the worse to people that never liked you.

Message in a Bottle

Lay down your arms. Turn your army back.Surrender. Before you march, your army into a disastrous social trap.Shallow Plebians forge in your honor, did you tell them you are leading blind?Did you tell them you lack honest foresight: one of the reasons the guaranteed loss will be less than kind?