I couldn’t do that to you Despite how you can do that to me I deep dive into guilt as shallow as your sea I didn’t lose it for you, You couldn’t save it for me You wouldn’t save it for me.

I minded life with time and lived in absolutes. To the point to even when I was wrong, I was right with judgemental eyes to boot I'm left in a life that means a lot but still nothing. I was looking back to a past in front of me. Looking to a time drained of … Continue reading


Don't be the first to tell you to let things go. And then when it happens to them they let all their emotion show. Don't they always cry to not let things get "your power." But when the power siphon from them they want you to be mad about it every hour The things they … Continue reading Go

Ask An IG Model?

Alas, since you pay attention---what got you following them in their first place? Their view on Marxism? An essay on mass media in the south pacific? Or was it her body and her beauty? Now you wanna come out here and act like you care about her views. It took 'this' long?